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Jeff Davidson

Ghost With The MostTM

Q: What do I need to give you to get my book written?
A: I'll use whatever is relevant notes, outlines, lists, charts, exhibits, workbooks, A/V materials, company literature, Web site information, articles by you or about you. Usually I'll visit your office and, with a tape recorder rolling, draw your book out of you in eight to 14 hours. Because I collect your exact words and notes, you'll receive a manuscript that reflects your style. If you already have an outline, we'll use it as our guide. If not, we'll create an outline together. We will stay highly focused!

Q: What happens after you collect what you need?
A: For the next 99 days, you go about your business. Working quickly and efficiently, I convert your material into an excellent manuscript. I use assistants to transcribe material, edit, and proofread. My goal is to produce a nearly complete manuscript of your material and not bother you until it's time for you to review the draft.

Q: What do I do when I receive the draft?
A: Within 20 days, you mark up and more fully personalize the manuscript, as you see fit. I will leave notes to you in brackets [like this] that ask for an anecdote, spelling, or a closing sentence. You can make changes by: 1) writing directly on the manuscript, 2) dictating your change on a digital recorder, or on a micro, mini, or standard size cassette, or 3) calling me directly.

Q: What happens after you make the modifications?
A: I send you the completed manuscript and word processing file.

Q: How much do you charge, and how are payments made?
A: I charge a flat fee of 16K to 32K, depending on the scope of work required. Half of the fee is due upon initiation, a quarter due when I submit the rough draft to you, and the final quarter due when I submit the completed manuscript. My fee is spelled out up front, and I hold to it. I request only the most frugal of travel costs to your location. I seek no share of advances or royalties.

Q: What other services do you offer?
Ghost With The Most offers the full range of premier writing and publishing-related services, including book manuscripts, book proposals, articles, and A/V scripts, as well as book marketing plans, publishing contract reviews, contract negotiation, and foreign rights sales.

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Ghost with the Most is not simply about writing your books, it's about helping you fulfill your destiny.

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