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Jeff Davidson

Ghost With The Most TM

Are you attempting to earn healthy revenues in the speaking business without having a published book? Meeting planners, speakers bureaus, talk show producers, journalists -- everyone you encounter responds favorably to a well-written book. Writing a book, however, requires at least 350 to 400 hours of concentration and hard work, and your time is precious.

You need Ghost With The Most. Jeff Davidson is the author of 59 books, all with major publishers; none are self-published. All told, his books have been selected 36 times by book clubs including the Business Week Book Club, Executive Program, Fortune, Graphic Artist Club, McGraw-Hill Engineering Book Club, Money Bookclub, Nurse's Book Club, Prevention Book Club, Writer's Digest Book Club and Soundview Executive Summaries. His books have been translated 143 times including in Arabic, Chinese (complex and simplified), Czech, Dutch, Finnish, French, Indonesian, Italian, Hebrew, German, Japanese, Korean, Malay, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, and Spanish. He has also had more than 3,500 articles published.

More important to you, Ghost With The Most clients get published!

"You have really nailed it. I could not be more taken in by what you have captured. It is what I hoped for and more. I tried to read it both in a way that resonated my message and words, and also in way that it might be received by the reader. It is right on on both counts! Jeff, you have an incredible talent... I think this one is going to change some lives."
--Tom Tuohy, Chicago, IL

"I would like to recommend someone you can trust to do a brilliant job. Jeff Davidson is excellent. I've known him for 20 plus years. He has written dozens of quality books that have been published internationally, he writes fast, acts with integrity, and you can count on him to deliver what he promises."
-- Sam Horn, Reston, VA

Ghost With The Most remains invisible to everyone but you and offers:

  • A manuscript of 220- to 245-pages in your style (not ours), plus a foreword, introduction, exhibit list, bibliography, and word processing file, in 99 days. Visit our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ).
  • An outstanding book proposal that will make editors take notice.
  • Expert advice and strategies on marketing to major publishers or on landing a top literary agent.
  • Authoritive counsel on creating derivative products and on article marketing.
  • A book worthy of your programs and your message.

If you want to get your book written and begin reaping the rewards, you are a mere phone call away. At Ghost With The Most, we're not simply writing your book; we're helping to fulfill your destiny.

"I am so grateful to you for your help! Your expertise in so many areas helped me take a project I'd been sitting on for too long and turn it into reality.

Your ability to pull out the core message and connect with an audience is masterful. I've seen you do this on the numerous projects in which we've worked together. Thank you for also connecting me to the right people to create the outcomes I wanted. You are the BEST!

I will be a reference for you any time you want someone to talk with a prospect. I will give them loads of reasons why they'd want to work with you! That is the ultimate endorsement and you have it from me. Thank you, Jeff!"
--Shawn Kent Hayashi
Lansdale PA

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